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My Sister Tori & I had the honor of being featured as the cover story in Woman’s World Magazine this week.  We were able to give a small look into part of our weight loss journeys. Unfortunately some of the details are inaccurate and the overall timeline of the story is wrong.

Of course, I had no control over what would be published but if I did one thing I would change is the cover. No, not the picture even though the thumbs up IS pretty cheesy. ;)

#1 I would change the cover claim that  this plan or ANY plan is a “miracle” plan. I feel like that word over promises and gives the illusion that it is magic. It is not magic, and no plan is.

#2 The cover claims the plan melts 11 pounds in a week.  I personally have never in my life, whether on the show or after the show have lost 11 pounds in one week on ANY plan. Also, from my experience losing weight as fast as possible should not be the goal.

#3 They say on the cover that the plan makes it “EASY” to stay slim for life. There is nothing easy about losing weight or keeping it off. It requires a lot of effort mentally and physically.

Everyone finds their own path. I am here to give my perspective and experience. I will never claim to know it all or be exactly where I want to be. I am doing the best I can each day and continue to learn and grow on every step of my personal journey through life.  I certainly never want to be part of an illusion that weight loss is quick and easy. It never is. :)

The message I do want to spread is that change is possible and there is hope. No matter where you are today, you can get healthier, stronger, and closer to where you want to be.

All in all,  it was such a blessing to be able to share this cover with my incredible sister who I love with all my heart. If you want to check out the article, you can pick it up this week. :)

ww cover


  1. Laura says

    Jacqui, both you and Tori are beautiful women, and despite those inaccuracies (on the cover), you have done an amazing thing, and I thank you for your continued honesty about your struggles and the reality of a weight loss journey, and for keeping it real. You have no idea what an inspiration to others it is to hear the TRUTH. Thank you! xoxoxoxo

  2. says

    Beautiful, as always, Jacqui! Thank you for being courageous enough to share pieces of your life with us in a public way. I understand the worry about being portrayed out-of-balance from reality in that magazine, but regardless, the fact remains: you are inspiring and we all love you!!

  3. says

    Congratulations Jacqui! I know what you mean about having no control. I was just on Dr. Oz which was such a privilege. The show was about pesticides and GMOs and they asked me to share my own personal issues with this subject. I would have loved to have shared what I’ve been doing to resolve the issues rather than looking uninformed (as a health coach), but it wasn’t why they asked me there. Looking forward to reading the article and always appreciate your honesty and authenticity. You are using the influence you’ve been given to inspire others and change lives–love that about you! xo

  4. gina says

    I wonder when they will realize that people want real, not unrealistic. If we all knew that it took time and effort and dedication to lose weight and keep it off, maybe woman wouldn’t feel so pressured to lose weight so fast. There would be less eating disorders and such. Thank you for sharing the truth with us. I am so proud of you and inspired by you! The way I felt starting my journey was that it took me about 15 years or more to accumulate the weight… I know it won’t take THAT long to lose it… but if it takes a couple years, a few years… it’s ok. I’ve lost 100lbs so far. I have about 60-ish I’d still like to lose… Just staying focused and being consistant w/ eating healthy and exercise…. I will get there! You are right, there is no miracle plan, and it has to be a lifestyle change or as the Powell’s say a transformation! Our minds definitely need to transform before we see the results in our bodies! Congratulations on the Magazine cover, you and your sis look beeeautiful!

  5. Jeanne Avsenew says

    You and Tori are amazing and I am so proud to be a part of your family. You both have worked so hard to lose and maintain yourselves. It is a daily struggle and you both are winners in my eyes.

  6. Kelly says

    Thank you for pointing out the “marketing ploys”. I teared up when I read your comments. It’s nice to have someone just level with you and set some realistic expectations. Although I wish it was 11 lbs in a week, it’s better to have reasonable goals. I’m excited to check out you site. Congratulations on your accomplishments! You are inspiring me!

  7. Paulette Brochet says

    As always, you are so inspiring with your words of wisdom and encouragement. You both look beautiful, and I continue to work on my weight loss goals and getting healthy. Thanks to your healthy recipes, and advice I am making some progress. Like you said, its not easy, and its a process that takes hard work and commitment. Thank you Jacqui for being so inspiring and taking the time to help others with their weight loss journeys. I looked right at that cover, and paid for my groceries…came home and saw your post with the cover…I did not recognize you nor Tori…told my hubby to get me a copy in the morning! You both look so glamorous and beautiful! You both should be models! Keep posting those healthy recipes-they are so helpful with meal planning for me.

  8. says

    What is truly inspiring is that you always share the truth with us. You keep it real where others may skip some important details. You have integrity, honesty, compassion and kindness….and that is what really matters! We are grateful for you ;)

  9. Sheri says

    I am so glad I looked up your blog.. Thank you so much for your honesty.. Very refreshing.. That being said, I bought the magazine because of the diet.. I know there are no miracle diets, but it looked like something I would be able to follow. Now I do have a question.. Does it matter what order days you do. The way it reads is 2 days low.. Then 1 day high.. 2 days low… 1 day high.. Day 7 reward day. Is that correct??

  10. says

    I also bought the magazine because of the diet, mainly because I love to learn how women achieve significant weight loss through a successful lifestyle change. I was glad I did because of the open discussion on emotional eating, which has been a problem for me since I started living with depression at 11. I am loving the carb cycling plan, and lost 5 pounds this first week. My energy is through the roof. WW also lured me in by the cover claims, but I’m glad it did. I was mentally ready again. I lost 45 pounds on diet shakes and exercise in 2011 (down from 271, my peak was 295) and then I had a baby summer of 2012 and gained 30 pounds after the birth. I have sporadically exercised and eaten cleanly, but it took the diagnosis of being pre-diabetic (whole family has type 2 diabetes) to get me revved up. I greatly appreciate your honesty and this is a great blog. Tomorrow is my reward day, and I am looking on your blog now for ways to do that and not completely derail myself mentally. I’m thinking sushi instead of a gluten-filled sweet treat!!

  11. Bear Face says

    I love you so much and you inspire me to pursue being a better version of me on a daily basis! I’m proud of who you are! I’m also proud of Tori and watching her grow up into the woman she is becoming is astounding!!!!

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