My 25 “Must Have” Healthy Foods

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These are my staple foods.  I eat a variety of other things of course, however these are the foundational foods in my diet and I eat them very frequently. I try to never ever run out of these things so I can always be prepared with a simple quick healthy meal. If I keep healthy food in the house I am way less likely to mess up or want to eat out. :)
2) Eggs
3) Chicken
4) Fish
5) Raw Veggies for salad
6) Frozen Veggies
7) Apples
8) Berries
9) Frozen Fruit for Smoothies
16) Lemons / Limes
17) Avocado
19) Sweet Potato
21) Walnuts
23) Salsa
25) Olives
If you had a top 25 “I can’t live without” healthy foods what would be on your list? Live Inspired!
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  1. Laura says

    1.) Eggs
    2.) Fage 0% Plain Greek Yogurt
    3.) veggies (zucchini, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes!)
    4.) Shaklee 180 smoothie powder
    5.) avocados
    6.) Trader Joes unsweetened coconut milk
    7.) sunflower seeds
    8.) mangoes (fresh AND frozen)
    9.) corn tortillas
    10.) salsa
    11.) spinach!
    12.) feta
    13.) cottage cheese
    14.) coconut oil
    15.) lemons and limes
    16.) berries
    17.) vitamin water zero
    18.) hummus
    19.) chicken
    20.) canned tuna
    21.) fresh fish
    22.) stevia
    23.) balsamic vinegar
    24.) peaches/plums
    25.) island soyaki marinade

    I wrote this without looking at yours and was surprised to see a lot of the same! (lemons and limes, corn tortillas in particular both stood out to me as pretty random)

  2. becky says

    1) Silk unsweetened almond milk
    2) apples
    3) bananas
    4) green leafy lettuces for salads
    5) crainsins for salads
    6) almonds
    7) eggs
    8) fish
    9) chicken
    10) pork
    11) super lean red meat
    13) onions
    14) tomatoes
    15) mushrooms
    16) hummus
    17) yogurt
    18) bagel thins
    19) cheeses
    20) nutresse sweetener
    21) tuna
    22) wasa crackers
    23) oatmeal
    24) avacodos
    25) torillas just finished off my first bag of corn ones they have changed my life when it comes to tortillas

    • Jacqui says

      Great list! I love dried cranberries too but I can’t keep them in the house, they are like candy to me! I could eat the whole bag at once. :) I only buy them if I am using them for a recipe or in that night’s dinner salad.

  3. says

    Do you use Almond Butter in place of regular butter? My husband bought some awhile back, but since we don’t eat bread, I couldn’t figure out what we would use it on. We do sometimes make gluten free pancakes (with Shaklee 180 protein & berries!), so I wonder if Almond Butter would taste good on our GF pancakes?

    • says

      Greek yogurt,
      fresh veggies.
      frozen veggies
      sweet potatoes
      melons and other fruits (I avoid bananas and grapes only because I am Type 2)
      lean beef
      mineral water
      low fat string cheese
      raw almonds
      olive oil and an occasional pat of real butter but only with oatmeal
      lemons and salsa
      Truvia, Stevia, or aguave
      Low fat milk for the morning coffee

      That’s pretty much my go-to list for optimum health. Anything else tends to set me up for binges or a big time downward spiral, especially if it’s salty or sweet. Occasionally I will eat a corn tortilla, especially if it is Chicken Tortilla soup – love that dish! if I deviate from the above items, I really need to look at what’s going on with me emotionally. Chances are, a need a major attitude adjustment! ;)

  4. Jill says

    My cant live without list!

    1. Eggs
    2. Natural peanut butter
    3. Chocolate coconut almond butter
    4. Dried kiwi
    5. Bananas
    6. Pears
    7. Cucumbers , Green peppers, Lettuce
    8. Frozen rice/veggies (low sodium)
    9. Protein powder and bars
    10. Shaved Parm Cheese
    11. Ground Turkey Burger
    12. Chicken
    13. Sweet potato tortilla chips
    14. Avocado
    15. Lemon
    16. Lean Red meat
    17. Haddock
    18. Lite Wheat English Muffins
    19. Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
    20. Cinnamon almonds
    21. Stevia
    22. Ginger dressing
    23. Salsa
    24. Marinara sauce (low sodium)
    25. Dasani drops

  5. says

    1. Kale
    2. Cucumbers
    3. Bell Peppers
    4. Red Onion
    5. Tomatoes
    6. Oikos Greek Yogurt
    7. Red potatoes
    8. Brown Rice
    9. Frozen veggies
    10. PB2
    11. Chicken Breast
    12. Extra lean red meat
    13. Chicken Sausage
    14. Ground Turkey
    15. Bananas
    16. Green Grapes
    17. Apples
    18. Berries
    19. Salsa
    20. Low fat shredded cheese
    21. Whole wheat tortillas
    22. Squash
    23. Olive oil
    24. Unsweetened Almond Milk
    25. Eggs

  6. Tammy says

    I am just starting this healthy diet plan, the one thing I am really interested in is recipes. I have only the one from the women’s magazine. I realize I just need to follow the 2 day low carb and 1 day high carb but it would be nice to have some daily meal lists and or recipes.

  7. says

    just want to know, is it ok to eat the veggies at night, just for a snack? this is my first day and I am starting to feel that urge to grab something. I am a huge popcorn fan and i know that is something i should not have!! help!!! can i at least have an apple, banana? anything???

  8. says

    I am just day 2 on this journey and i am not sure why, but I am struggling. I am confusing myself with this. I read your article in Woman’s World magazine and you really inspired me. Thank you for that. I need to know if anyone can help me out here, what I need is to know if there is anything I can do for a snack, you know, like a late night snack. When my family is munching on things I am not going to eat, what can I have? can I have fruit? more veggies? I could sure use some ideas. Due to having a kidney removed I cannot do a lot of protein, so the protein powder is out for me, but I can still do the almond milk and frozen fruit. Any suggestions you all may have would be great!! Thank you all and good luck to all of us!

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