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Before I started the show I certainly had disordered eating and major food issues, that is how I got up to 355 pounds. However, when I started the show I truly did desire to be healthy and balanced and it started that way. When I transitioned from regular healthy weight loss mode into eating disorder mode I didn’t really realize it at the time. It happened about 8 months into the show. I just figured weight was my biggest battle in life and I had to take drastic measures to keep the weight loss going and make sure the weight stayed off. It is just so easy to justify anything in your mind if you want to. I also would read research to support my new way of life. You can also find research to support almost anything you want to do as well. I read about the benefits of fasting, severe calorie restriction, and hours of exercise. Between the extreme pressure of the show, me rationalizing my decisions with my online research I truly convinced myself that this was just my new way of life and the “Jacqui Plan” path I had to take to get healthy.

So many people ask me what eating disorder I had. Mine didn’t fit into a nice little box. I didn’t have anorexia, or bulimia, orthorexia, or binge eating disorder. I had a mix of many different symptoms that placed me in the category that so many undiagnosed or undiscovered eating disorders fall into: Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS). I had no idea this category even existed at the time. So because I was losing weight, not under weight, and didn’t fit nicely into one of the well known eating disorder categories I truly didn’t know the  new “weight loss system” I developed was a problem.

After a few months of my new regime I started to feel unwell, lose hair, lost my period, my normally oily skin became dry, and I was depressed. It made no sense to me. I was losing weight. I was the smallest I had ever been in my life., why didn’t I feel my best? My final weigh in was almost here and I would be exactly where I thought I wanted to be. Why was I struggling so much?

To be continued…


  1. says

    I have never heard of this Jacqui but I am so glad you are shedding a light on this, it will help so many people. Years ago when I was losing a drastic amount of weight with another program I felt so similar and lost a ton of hair. Very interesting! I can’t wait to hear the next part of the story.

  2. says

    I think I may have had some of that “undefined eating disorder” on my way down the scale. My hair got thin, and it still really hasn’t recovered, over two years into maintenance. I blame my age (62) somewhat, but I think my lack of concern regarding vitamins, etc. and obsession with calories might have had something to do with it too. Excited to hear the rest of the story!

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    Wow, you are such a blessing! Thank you so much. I also developed a variety of eating disorders that don’t have a nice neat label as a result of a variety of unhealthy weight loss processes. Thank you for being willing to speak out!

  4. Rosanne Mitchell says

    Jacqui, I think the way many of these programs are structured leads to the potential of people finding themselves with eating disorders. So often, in our quest for losing weight, one is tempted to restrict themselves from needed nourishment and exercise to the point of obsession to achieve our goals. The added pressure of the television program, and wanting to please others becomes paramount in one’s mind. I commend Chris Powell in addressing some of these issues this season as I think people need to see that balance is the key to not only successful weight loss, but to life long health and fitness goals. It is truly a lifestyle change, not just one period of time in one’s life. Thanks for who you are, and your mission to be a positive, encouraging coach to others.

  5. Tammy Flanagan says

    Jacqui, back in 2010 my Dr. put me on a weightloss program I will never do again. I felt the same way as you when you lost all you weight except I lost my hair, began having severe shoulder and neck problems I felt as though my body was falling apart, but I was so happy to be finally thin. Everyone was complementing me. I felt like a queen. The one problem was I had no support and I was not on the right program. My Dr. put me on weightloss pills. Once I decided to quit taking the pills I began packing on the pounds, my self esteem dropped lower than it has ever been and I just wish I had never lost the weight in the first place. In watching your journey and the many others I have a great desire to try again but this time I want to do it the right way by changing my lifestyle. Your story and your blog has given me a hope that there is support out there and I will some day get back to where I want to be. You have an amazing strength and a very inspirational story. Thank you for sharing!

    • Sharon Meadows says

      Good Luck Tammy…I think we both came to the right place…Jacqui is amazing…The Chris Powell plan sounds great and uncomplicated…I read it tonight and will start in the morning…

  6. Paulette Brochet says

    You continue to be such an inspiration to myself and others :) Love the blog you are doing. THank you for sharing your personal stories to help others.

  7. Mare says

    Thanks for sharing theses very personal thoughts. There’s so much more to us! I am coping with some latent issues that shed major light, why I’ve been safe carrying the extra weight. Work to be done but in the meantime focusing on becoming as genuine to me as I can. Feels good!

  8. Gail says

    You are truly a blessing and encouragement for those of us who work hard every day, take a few steps forward as well as some back! Thank you for sharing with openness and honesty!

  9. Lisa says

    Jacqui, thanks for sharing. You are helping people who’ve struggled just as you did. You are a bright light in this dark arena!

  10. Joe says

    Thank you for sharing. I was beginning to forget that the importance of life is to be healthy; not just skinny. I don’t want to teach my daughter anything else. It get’s frustrating not allowing myself to eat less than 1500calories a day (I’m 5′ 0″) but then I realize that life is not meant to be all about weight, but to be here enjoying my loved ones and following a deeper calling.

    Please never give up on standing your ground in truth. Greed can truly change people for the worse.

  11. says

    Thank you for sharing Jacqui I am 364lbs. If you were in my shoes how would you advise me to go about losing the weight; if you could choose to do it again.

  12. Gary says

    Love your story. Some points I’d clarify: There are indeed numerous benefits to fasting. Hours of exercising for fat loss is not supported by studies. All said and done, laying blame on the show that saved your life IMO is curious. Sometimes it does take a little ‘feeling unwell’ to lose as much weight as you ‘needed’ to…certainly you were more well than when you started your journey. Sure, everything is always ‘more balanced’ when you can lose your weight over a number of years, but it is very very hard to stay committed for so long and when you aren’t seeing results even on a weekly basis. Stay positive.

  13. stephany says

    I know you must be busy but I needed to let you know how much of an inspiration you are! All the weight you got rid of represents hope, you persevered and proved that anything is possible when you put your mind to it, my wish is one day to be a police officer but also help others become fit, I’m in better shape thanks to you, watching your efforts was and still is motivation. Thank you

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