Pregnant at last!


A couple nights ago I went to the Emergency Room because I was having stomach pain and digestive issues. I didn't know what was wrong. The doctors said I was perfectly healthy and……amazingly 18 weeks pregnant! After many fertility struggles I was not supposed to ever be able to get pregnant without IVF and other treatments. So, this was the surprise of a lifetime!!! This is truly a miracle baby! This is the best news of our lives. We prayed for this, worked for this and hoped for this for 9 … [Continue reading...]

Featured In Woman’s World Magazine

ww cover

My Sister Tori & I had the honor of being featured as the cover story in Woman's World Magazine this week.  We were able to give a small look into part of our weight loss journeys. Unfortunately some of the details are inaccurate and the overall timeline of the story is wrong. Of course, I had no control over what would be published but if I did one thing I would change is the cover. No, not the picture even though the thumbs up IS pretty cheesy. ;) #1 I would change the cover claim … [Continue reading...]



Since getting home from my retreat I looked at the DVR and saw that the Glee tribute episode to Cory Monteith “Finn” had been recorded. Immediately upon seeing the title my eyes filled up with tears and my heart ached. Yes, as a chorus girl I was a glee fan since season one and losing cast […]

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Part 2

scale help

  Before I started the show I certainly had disordered eating and major food issues, that is how I got up to 355 pounds. However, when I started the show I truly did desire to be healthy and balanced and it started that way. When I transitioned from regular healthy weight loss mode into eating […]

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Kiki La’Rue, I heart you!


Have you heard about Kiki La’Rue? When I find something I love I just have to share and I love Kiki La’Rue! It all started when my friend Erin told me about her weight loss success and that she needed some new clothes. She ordered some awesome dresses from Kiki La’Rue. I typically don’t shop […]

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Part 1


In 2010 I had the great honor to be picked for the show Extreme Weight Loss on ABC. Some of you may have watched my story and some of you may have missed it. (Watch it here) On the show I had incredible success. I ended up losing 207 pounds in one year. When I […]

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How did this happen?


I am deeply grateful to all of you who have stood with me through so many things over the last few years. I was able to tell my story in Nashville, TN last week at the Shaklee Global conference and now I will be sharing the story with the rest of my friends here.  The […]

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